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urban planning

The only constant in the life of a city or town is the reality of change. Whether planned or unplanned, a time comes when a new direction is required to revitalize public spaces and respond to new visions.

In order to create effective plans, our team builds on past work – taking the best of what has been done and adding a fresh, innovative and implementable roadmap to achieve your community goals and visions. To design for today's needs and future opportunities, BRITINA design group draws from a rich mixture of community history, environmental factors and cultural perspectives to develop a fiscally responsible plan that modernizes your legacy. The results of our past plans have created lively districts and memorable places that are both socially and economically vibrant.

Working with both public municipalities and private entities, Britina provides solutions that meet the diverse needs of your town or city, your local development and business community, and the surrounding neighborhoods and property owners. Our approach gives you an attainable plan to make a district both unforgettable and a draw for public use. Working with both city governments and neighborhood or business groups, we successfully resolve issues of transportation, density, infill, design and accessibility. We use expertise in market research, program development, urban planning, design and finance to educate the participants and facilitate the planning process.